Outdoor Benches for Different Outdoor Areas

Backyard Deck
Residential backyard deck overlooking lawn and lake

Outdoor benches are rarely found in homes or residential settings; however, in view of their ability to provide comfy seating in different outdoor areas and since outdoor benches are available in various sizes, shapes, styles and materials, many homeowners have started to place outdoor benches in their patios, decks, porches, pool side, backyard, balcony, garden, etc. This article highlights this rising trend and so do the optimal choices.


The best place for summer activities such as snoozing and lolling, your porch calls for comfortable seating. It needs furniture that won’t asleep. Though porch is partially covered, it is still exposed to outside elements.

To place outdoor benches in this area, wicker is the most common choice; however, it may get damaged when exposed to moisture and sun for a long time. The best alternative to wicker outdoor benches is synthetic wicker.  It is the coated natural woven material woven around an aluminum frame. Synthetic wicker outdoor benches are UV resistant and bears an ability to withstand moisture and sun.


Poolside outdoor benches should be made for easy mobility so both shade and sun lovers can have a comfortable seating as the day passes. Wheeled outdoor benches are the most modern and smartest picks since these can be moved easily and without any noise. Usually, wooden outdoor benches are the best choice for poolside since wood is resistant to corrosion. Since poolside is prone to moisture and dampness, metal outdoor benches may not be the best option unless these are coated with resistant proof coating.


Outdoor benches are something mandatory for gardens and lawns since everyone loves to spend time breathing fresh air in, seating on the benches for a couple of minutes. Synthetic plastic outdoor benches as well wooden outdoor benches both make a nice choice here.

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