Outdoor Benches – General & Specific Types

Nothing can make your outdoors comfier and enjoyable than nice looking, high-quality outdoor benches. There is a rising trend to transform outdoors the way indoors are kept. Indoor has definitely found its way out as outdoor setting are integrating rugs, patio tables, chairs, and other furniture that was supposed to be found only in indoors. This article shares some general and specific types of outdoor benches.

General Outdoor Benches

These include:

  • Park benches: These are placed as seating places in public parks and available in various sizes.
  • Garden benches: These are similar to the public park benches; however, these are bigger and provide more sitting space.
  • Scenic benches: These are placed to offer a comfy way of enjoying beautiful landscapes, busy street scenes and maybe some specific events.
  • Perch benches: These are generally located in high traffic areas to let people have quick break.
  • Storage benches: These are the blend of siting space and the storage box, usually used for keeping the gardening supplies and grill stuff.
  • Backless benches: These were used as a seating option in school rooms, hospitals and law courts.


Specific Outdoor Benches

These include:

  • Church Benches: These are used outside the places of worship, and are often integrated with an additional kneeling bench. The church benches are available in various styles like traditional, curved and modern to match the architectural styles and spaces of the churches.
  • Swing Benches: These are the kind of swing seats, independently movable, and suspended. These are usually used for play and as a relaxing porch swing.
  • Bar Benches: These are the benches placed outside the bar, so that people can enjoy cocktails outdoor and have a seating to communicate peacefully within gathering.
  • Yard Benches: These are placed outside the home to have a relaxing time watching streets and hustle and bustle of neighborhood during warm evenings.

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