The Kinds of Trash Receptacles – Which One is Best to Use?

The trash receptacles, recycle bins, waste receptacles, collection containers, whatever you call them, come in a range of materials, shapes and sizes and are designed for different applications and industries that typically have specific requirements. Since every space differs, every collection plan is different. Hence, it is important to know what kinds of the trash receptacles are available, so you and your team are able to maximize their efficiency, save money and have a positive impact on environment as well as in your community. In this article. We present the 4 major types of trash receptacles that will help you choose the best one for your application.

Desk side Trash Receptacles

These are also called localized containers or personal bins. These trash receptacles are developed for personal use and are placed under the desk. The purpose of these receptacles is to increase their usage and decrease the desk side litter.

Centralized Recycling & Trash Receptacles

These centralized recycling and trash receptacles are the focus area of a collection program. If you want to improve your plan, you need to make sure that you have the right centralized stations set up around the space, both in indoors and outdoors. Centralized trash receptacles also gather all non-desk side waste and reduce the waste accumulated, making themselves the most important element of your waste collection program.

Transportation Recycling & Trash Receptacles

The basic purpose of these trash receptacles is to transfer the waste from the centralized stations to commercial trash receptacles that keep the trash till the local hauler collects it.

Commercial Recycling & Trash Receptacles

These trash receptacles are nice looking, highly flexible and fully custom-made to fit for the program. These are very large in size and accommodate an extremely high colure of waste and are designed to be easily picked from the local hauler.

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