Commercial Bike Racks – How To Add Them In Your Premises

Commercial bike racks are taken as a good practice since they provide a convenient and secure source of parking for the bikers. That’s why many businesses have added them in their premises, which shows their good business sense. However, we have seen that locating a commercial bike rack is an important factor that many business owners overlook. Here are some general rule of thumbs regarding that.

Commercial bike racks should be placed as closed to the parking spots for cars, as possible. You can also use a parking spot. It is not advised to put the racks out in Timbuktu on a perimeter somewhere.

You should be sure that commercial bike racks are not over 50 feet from the business’s entrance.

Encourage the usage of bike parking rack, by making it easy and simple to find and use.

Lastly, make sure that bike rack is clearly visible from inside the premises or store. Many bikers like to keep an eye on their vehicles for many reasons. Maybe they forgot their helmet there or backpack or want to ensure that they turned the light off.

Now, being a business owner, you would be thinking to add commercial bike racks in your business. Well, there is where we can help. We manufacture and ship high quality commercial and customized bike racks for all kinds of businesses.

All the orders are completed within deadline and we also ensure that the racks are placed carefully in your premises. If you want to explore other possibilities or variety, including decorative racks in the shape of bicycle, bike or even an elephant, we do make them. By adding logo and business specific message to it, you can also use the rack as one of your branding options.

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