Keeping Trash Receptacles Free of Flies & Maggots

The bad odor of the trash receptacles is something nobody can tolerate. However, if you have ever had the bad luck to opening your trash receptacles and fining little crawling maggots, the situation is worst. It feels even more disgusting if you have to take that bag in your vehicle to a dump. Therefore, in this article, we have highlighted some tips to keep your trash receptacles free of flies and maggots.

Maggots are basically the fly larvae. Flies are commonly seen to buzz around the trash. If a fly has found a site into the trash, it lays eggs. If you prevent flies, you can better prevent maggots also. Many households and facility staff use moth balls to get rid of flies and avoid maggots from forming. However, according to the studies, moth balls are carcinogenic and toxic. Following are some of the non-toxic and simple steps that you should follow to restrict flies and maggot formation in your trash receptacles.

Once you remove the trash from the container, wash it with boiling water. This kills maggots in the container, if any. Or, if there is sealed dumpster, remove the maggots to the sealed plastic bag and then release them into a dumpster. This way they will do what they should do, i.e., garbage degrading.

Once you remove all maggots from the trash receptacle, scrub its interior as well as exterior walls with a solution made up of vinegar mixed with water. The ratio of the mixture is 1-part vinegar and 2 parts water. Doing this on a weekly basis, you can keep the trash receptacles clean and free of maggots, flies and bad odors. Once scrubbing is done, wash well with clean water and let the receptacle dry in sun. Maggots especially grow in moisture; therefore, keeping the trash receptacle dry helps prevent maggots to a great extent.

Always place a trash bag into your trash receptacles, folding the bag edges over the receptacle to allow the flow of air when the trash receptacle is opened. Once the trash is deposited, always ensure to close the garbage lid firmly.


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