Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables – Selection Made Easy

Commercial outdoor picnic tables are plus point at any picnic spots since people visit these sport to relax themselves and enjoy while sitting and eating. This post is in the continuation of our last post regarding commercial picnic tables, where we discussed some of the key factors important to consider before buying these tables. In this post, we will highlight some more factors to make the buying process of commercial outdoor picnic tables easier.

Mounting Type

For commercial outdoor picnic tables, three mounting options are available including in-ground mount, surface mount and portable. Surface mounts are those where table legs are anchored onto some flat surface. It is the most widely adopted option since it provides safety and stability; however, it is not permanent. In-ground mount is permanent, on the other hand. This is the option in which table legs are buried either in concrete or some other stable foundation. Portable means that there is no mounting and many of the tables are available as portable nowadays to meet need of mobility.


The durability of commercial outdoor picnic tables is important since you would want them to last for many years to come. Know about their warranty and also the warranty covers. The table’s durability can differ on the basis of materials and coatings applied, hence, warranty is usually the best way to make sure the table you are buying is durable.


The table size depends on its shape, hence it is important that you determine the space your patio has and then pick the right shape that fits into it well. Most of the picnic tables can hold 4-8 people easily. Bistro and patio tables usually offer lower capacity of up to 4 people. Determining the size of your traffic is a useful way to decide the size of the table exactly needed.

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