Waste Receptacles and The Role They Play

In the world with rising pollution and stronger germs, waste management has become critical for individuals and community at large. A huge responsibility is on the citizens also to keep their locality clean and free from waste and garbage. Waste receptacles, available in a huge variety, have contributed a lot in achieving this objective. In this article, we will answer some of the important questions in this regard.

Do we need waste receptacles?

One of the mistakes seen generally in cities is that waste receptacles are placed in the places where receptacles can e emptied easily, instead of the places where people can conveniently use them. This often leads to empty waste bins and littered streets. Since people generally don’t go out of the way to use waste receptacle, the challenges lies in determining where waste receptacle is needed.

To determine where the waste receptacle is required, some on-site observations are essential. The sites of existing street and the location and kind of ground-floor land uses such as fast food, department stores etc, should be put onto large scale area map. The location, kind and extent of the litter should also be determined. Moreover, people like the local sanitation laborers should be interviewed regarding the problems they face. After these initial observations, it becomes fairly clear that where waste receptacles are required and how many.

What should be the location of waste receptacles?

Ideal locations for placing waste receptacles are the places where there are many people like busy intersections nearby cross walls, food shops, bus stops, plazas, building entrances like residences, offices, department stores, and close to other street furniture like telephones or benches.

The waste receptacles required are based on the number of people using an area, the quantity of litter produced by various land uses, and on the effectiveness of the maintenance and cleanliness program.


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