Technology to Make Waste Receptacles Smart

Waste receptacles is something we have been watching since our childhoods, across the streets’ corners, besides our gardens’ doors, at public places and workplaces. Just like technology revolution has transformed even the simplest things in our life, waste receptacles are also getting smarter day by day due to integration with smart technology, leading to reduction in city trash cost by 40%.

The Internet of Things cloud based solutions offered by many manufacturers use highly sensitive sensors that identify garbage levels in city waste receptacles and notify the garbage removal vehicles when it is the time for collection. The amount of waste produced by urban cities is increasing.

Global waste production has grown to over 3.5 million tons, as per the latest report published by the World Bank. The report also estimates that this figure will reach to 6 million by 2025; i.e. almost double. Waste receptacles technology investment thus brings important consequences for the future of beautiful landscapes of cities and eco-friendly initiatives.

With increasing trash, the disposal costs of the waste are also rising, expected to reach $375 billion a year by 2025, as per World Bank. From 2010 till 2025, it implies that this cost will rise by more than 83%. This is highly alarming for the cities, in particular, in developing countries having already tight budgets.

The operating system behind sensors based waste receptacles technology helps deliver real-time data regarding container capacity and previous usage information of these publically-owned assets. This technology is also penetrating into national waste management strategy in cities in order to balance costs efficiently.

Many big cities including Calif, Pasadena, NYC and Boston have already implemented a similar mechanism for their sidewalks waste receptacles and citizens are increasing observing IoT receptacles in the markets as well. The technological advancement is going to make waste receptacles industry more enriched in terms of usage and efficiency.

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