Cleaning Commercial Outdoor Picnic Tables

Our parks, seaside, and other recreational sides cannot be completed without high-quality and comfy commercial outdoor picnic tables, which are fixed by the authorities for public’s seating. Like outdoor furniture, commercial outdoor picnic tables are also prone to wear and tear sue to rough and frequent use and harsh weather conditions.

In order to keep them safe, nowadays, portable or movable commercial outdoor picnic tables are being introduced and getting popular, since these can be protected easily, unlike traditional surface mounted picnic tables.  No matter what kind of picnic tables you have, they always need equal attention and periodic cleaning like that of other outdoor furniture and accessories. In this article, we will focus this topic.

Plastic Lumber

When we talk about portable picnic tables, we see plastic lumber as one of the most common materials used in their manufacturing. The good news is that this material is very easy to clean and requires low maintenance. The closed molecular formula applied in manufacturing plastic lumber tables protects the plastic deck against insects, rotting, mildew and molds. In addition, ink, paint and other stuff will not penetrate into plastic, preventing its permanent staining.

A nice sweep or high quality cleaners can be used to keep the outdoor lumber tables clean without harming the plastic or surfaces. Pressure washing is also suggested in some cases, since it helps getting rid of accumulated debris and dust. However, if you are using a pressure washer for cleaning the tables, make sure it doesn’t go beyond 1800psi with a 20-degree nozzle.


This is another common material used in making commercial outdoor picnic tables. These tables can be cleaned by using a mild oil based soap mixed in warm water. In addition, you can also make a DIY cleaning solution, by mixing ¼ cup of ammonia and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into 1 quart of warm water.

Commercial high-quality wood cleaners are also effective, but should be used with care. Painted woods and wicker might need diluting this solution.

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