Commercial Bike Racks – Technical Buying Aspects

Most of the bikers use commercial bike racks to keep their vehicles secure. However, it cannot be overlooked that both the racks and bikes can be theft if the commercial bike racks are poorly mounted or not mounted at all. The increasing value of the scrap metal has boosted the bike racks stealing.

Commercial bike racks that are not properly mounted can easily be stolen. These stolen bike racks can be sold for scrap. Therefore, you need to take care of the following aspects to ensure that your commercial bike racks as well as bikes are completely secure.

Which Mounting Options should be adopted?

There are three key mounting options available for commercial bike racks. Each one caters specific requirements.


A portable mount is needed if you would require to move the commercial bike rack from across the places. This is a kind of non-permanent mount which only allows the vehicle to rest on the flat level surface in an independent manner without anchoring.

Surface Mount

This is the option that is for customers looking for anchoring their bike racks down so it is a kind of semi-permanent mount. This solution requires an asphalt or concrete surface to anchor bolts into mounting surface. The surface mount is flexible also. If the rack is to be positioned to some other place, just anchor bolts can be removed to relocate the commercial rack.


It is the permanent mount and it requires grassy area or the one that has a future concrete pad. It needs more labor since a specific number of holes are drilled and then concrete is poured in every hole. The frame is set in the concrete for 24 hours for curing. Once concrete is cured, the rest of the parts can be joined to already installed frame. This mounting doesn’t allow relocation of rack to another location.

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