Post Commercial Bike Racks Vs. Ring Commercial Bike Racks

There was a time when the posts outside of plazas and stores were used for hitching horses. Nowadays, the short bollards fixed outside the buildings are being used for the convenience of bikers and cyclists.

These have taken the shape of post and ring commercial bike racks. An increasing importance of commercial bike racks makes it mandatory for all the states to have an extended placement of commercial bike racks at most of the public spaces.

The post-and-ring commercial bike racks are stylish, options for the organizations seeking for low-profile bike parking that can offer both security and convenience. The ring commercial bike racks are also recommended by a lot of bike organizations and city planners and hence can be installed with confidence. One of the most prominent benefits is that the bikes can rest alongside the rings, providing two-points contact for a frame. This is not only a benefit for the cyclist, but also for the passersby and pedestrians.

Post and ring commercial bike racks are available in a variety of mounts, including with bolt down plates for current concrete, or rebar anchors for the newly poured installations. Similar to other bollards, they may also be made with removable or fold-down bases, hence they can offer variable vehicle access to the site.

For the commercial bike racks exposed to outdoor elements, stainless steel or powder-coating should be used to resist corrosion. Powder coating helps you customize the commercial bike racks to their location.

Black is the most common color used for outdoor site accents such as bike racks and bollards; however, other colors may also be used to blend in or stand out. Custom powder coating is exclusively available for big projects. Such custom colored commercial bike racks provide idiosyncratic style to commercial and residential sites and may also be used for branding purposes.

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