Commercial Trash Cans- An On-Going Maintenance Is Equally Important As Their Placement

Commercial Trash cans are increasingly seen in business premises because of the rising concern of cleanliness and reputation of the business in the market. However, many businesses are fail to realize that placing commercial trash cans only is not the solution; a regular and proper maintenance is required to ensure cleanliness not just in building’s premises but also in surroundings. In this article, we will see the benefits of it and how it can be achieved.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your commercial trash cans with a mixture of mild soap and water or a cotton cloth and a glass cleaner is recommended. Cleaning becomes easier and stress free when you have adopted precautions to prevent potential contamination. After washing these trash cans, make sure that they are completely dry before being placed with the bag and liner.

This is required since moisture can help mold growth and plastic bags lead to a greenhouse effect trapping water particles and preventing evaporation. Following are some of the most common that conditions leading to steel discoloration and corrosion, and must be avoided.

Chloride containing cleansers: This includes any kind of bleach that has cleansers.

  • Muriatic acid (HCL): This is usually used for cleaning after concrete or tile installation.
  • Concentrated soap residue: These are chemical additives that cause discoloration and few dried soaps look like corrosion or rust.
  • Water with iron content: If water is having high levels of iron, this may cause rusty residue, in particular, if let dripping continuously.
  • Exposure to Iron: Iron made materials including machining chips, steel wool and iron dust/residue from installation and cleaning of other steel products are harmful.

When you carry out a regular and comprehensive cleaning schedule for your commercial trash cans, make sure the facility is clean, safe and welcoming. Through proper maintenance, the trash cans can maintain their appearance and luster for many years to come.


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