Today’s building owners and businesses are more concerned of building hygiene due to stricter environmental regulations and guidelines for healthy workplaces. Environmental efforts and corporate responsibility are gaining priority for businesses, irrespective of the industries.

As revealed in Deloitte’s 2012 CFO survey, 93 percent of respondents states that there is a direct connection between business performance and sustainability programs. Waste receptacles makes the basic yet one of the most important part of company’s waste management strategy.

Waste receptacles are the easiest and starting point of an effective waste management within a building. We have come up some of the most useful tips to leverage the benefits of waste receptacles placed in the offices and other commercial and public spaces.

Traffic, Capacity & servicing

This is related to determining how many people are working within a building or facility on a daily basis. You also have to determine how much waste is being deposited and how much trash do waste receptacles hold. In addition, an analysis is required to know how often receptacles are checked, emptied and cleaned.


This determines where your receptacles will be placed. You should know if these locations are protected from external elements and factors. In addition, waste receptacles should be placed in the location where these are least prone to the effects of harsh weather conditions.


There is a need to figure out if the aesthetics of the surrounding arras dictate a high-end décor solutions or are they more aligned with utilitarian options. It helps you make an optimal investment on waste receptacles.


This is one of the most important questions since you have to execute an efficient and cost effective waste management strategy. Cost variations are high in the market, making it easier for you to have the economical as well as high-quality waste receptacles.

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