Though commercial trash cans are essential for effective waste management, it is equally important to note that commercial trash cans function to their highest level when combined with trash bags. Trash bags are used with commercial trash cans as they provide an extra protective layer for preserving the garbage and reducing bad odor.

The trash liner bags also help the general maintenance since they enable garbage collecting personnel to empty the trash cans easily and in faster manner. Rather than hauling the entire trash receptacle out for disposing the garbage, the personnel just needs to remove the trash bags easily without any mess.

While using trash bags, it is also important to choose the most suitable one for maximum benefits. The trash bags are available in a range of sizes to cate small, medium and large size commercial trash cans. The small ones are usually used in private workplaces and home bathroom. The medium size is suitable for private kitchens, public transportation and few passageways. Trash bags are also being made in economy-sized variants for large commercial trash cans. These are usually used outside facilities, factories, restaurants, cafeteria and public areas like parks.

Apart from the size, the material of trash bags also plays an important role. Most of the contemporary trash bags are made up of plastic, therefore, these are durable as well as affordable. Plastic bags are especially important when trash is food-based, since these bags can stop liquid from spilling out. However, plastic made bags are not eco-friendly and therefore, these bags are often replaced with paper bags. For office spaces, paper bags are more suitable as most of the trash seen in office is dry.

A number of manufacturers of commercial trash receptacles are paying attention to design and dimensions of the trash cans taking into an account these features of trash bags.

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