Did you ever know that trash receptacles can do more than just collecting trash and debris? In many of the cosmopolitan cities, you can surely see the trash receptacle on almost every street’s corner.

Trash receptacles serve as a unique opportunity for the urban amenities. The workers keep checking them on a regular basis and new trash receptacles are usually hardy metal containers to which the sensors, solar panels and much more could be attached. In this article, we will highlight some of the unique trash receptacles that are more than trash collectors.

Feeding dogs

The trash receptacles from one of the Turkish companies named Pugedon, helps feed the hungry street dogs. Every time you put in a bottle, the receptacle dispenses a little bit of kibble, which is funded by the funds earned through recycling. The trash receptacle also has the space where you can pour water in for the dogs to drink.


At the time of the London Olympics held in 2012, the city installed 100 bomb proof trash receptacles, with $25,000 pounds as their unit cost. These ultra-strong trash receptacles are developed to bear the blast in case if someone tries to hide the bomb within them. These receptacles were also equipped with the LCD displays to show emergency alerts, ads and transit information.  For a short span of time, these bins also gathered the data on their electronic devices in the close vicinity, enabling city to trace people walking by; however, this plan was discontinued due to public concerns.

Wi-Fi hotspots

The solar powered or smart trash receptacles manufacturer BigBelly is making efforts to attach wi-fi with their waste receptacles across the NY city. The Wi-fi spots in these trash receptacles has much bandwidth to support the entire small scale business in pilot testing. Once sponsors re final, the company plans to launch the project citywide.

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