Significant creativity in bike infrastructure is making it an increasingly feasible and popular transformation alternative. Fluctuating municipal codes, changing gas prices and an increase in the number of commercial bike racks are enticing people to save their vehicles from parking blunders and follow best parking practices.

As per the report issued by Alliance for Biking & Walking (ABW), there has been almost 65 percent increase in bike commuting since last two decades. With such an increasing number of bike commuters, comes the need for commercial bike racks.

A number of municipalities are changing zoning requirements. They are writing bike parking in the building codes. For example, San Francisco requires the commercial property owners to have safe bike racks or permit tenants to bring their bikes in the building’s premises. Other cities are now turning now-defunct parking meters into commercial bike racks, like in Seattle. The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals (APBP) strongly supports bike racks and secured bike parking, highlighting the fact that it not just encourages public to ride, but it is good for the business.

Ask any bike rider what gripes they experience related to their bike parking and the answers will indeed boil down to accessibility, functionality and security of the commercial bike tacks themselves. Issues with the accessibility run into no parking, not sufficient of it, and parking that is difficult to find.

Many times, racks are placed in the corner of the parking garage or close to the loading dock that is too far from a front entrance. Often, racks are installed improperly, either too close together or too close to the building, affecting the convenience of use and the number of bikes to be accommodated. Commercial bike racks, properly installed, well-maintained and smartly positioned, this bring a great solution for preventing parking blunders.

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