Just like the way a book is judged by its cover, your community is often judged by its appearance. There is a big different between a city having flower-lined streets and the one lined with litter. The same goes for the businesses.  Here the presence of commercial trash cans becomes critical.

We would ask you what area seems more inviting to you? The one having small commercial trash can that is overfilled with litter, or the one having new big sized trash can that is also fitted with an outdoor ashtray to decrease cigarette litter? Of course, you will go for the later one.

Trash or litter is not something new, but the quantity of our trash has greatly been enlarged due to increasing production of materials like plastics and disposable products such as diapers, and paper products, while neglecting our commercial recycling habits. According to Virginia Tech, 65 percent of the population in America, doesn’t recycle. With increase in our trash, our littering habits also increased in magnitude.

Whether you are a business owner, city planner, community member, or park manager, it is mandatory to exert more efforts for keeping your buildings and communities neat and healthy. A study conducted by Keep America Beautiful, in 2009, stated that 93 percent of the buyers are reluctant to buy home in a dirty neighborhood. Homeowners, industry experts and realtors all agree to that fact that litter greatly affect property values. Not just it is less inviting for guests, but it is also highly favorable to spread diseases and illness.

With a range of shapes, sizes and features, it is quite easier for anyone to buy an ideal commercial trash receptacle in bulk, for community or a building with perfect placement options. We hope that this information will help you keep your community or building clean as much as possible.


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