How to Take Care of Outdoor Benches in Winters?

Outdoor benches are the most essential elements for any public space. However, as these are kept placed outdoor, their maintenance can become a challenge. Winter can bring havoc on outdoor benches that are not properly prepared to face the harsh weather. Extra offers are needed to make the outdoor benches survive the off-season. Knowing how to take care of your outdoor benches in winters helps prolong its lifespan and save repair costs. In this article, we bring some best tips for this purpose.

Conduct a quick inspection

Before you cover your outdoor benches for winters, do a quick look or inspection. Throw away any bench that is beyond a repair. If any bench is damaged at specific sites but can be repaired, make the fixes first before you cover or move them.

Do Cleaning

Before you cover or move your outdoor benches inside, give them a good cleaning. The wooden outdoor benches should be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water. For removing stains, wipe the benches with mildly abrasive cloth. If the wooden benches have a natural finish, it can also be retained with furniture oil as this prevents the wood from splitting at fluctuating temperature. Wicker outdoor benches are usually sealed; hence, they should be rinsed with warm water and mild soap to minimize any damage to their surface.

Storage Preparation

If your benches are detachable or moveable, the best way is to store them indoor during winters. If these are fixed, cover them up with sealable plastic covers. It is not advised to use fabric-made covers as these are usually unable to repel water. In addition, these can also be easily invaded by rain water and insects, eventually leading to damaged surfaces and rotten roots of the outdoor benches in winters.

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