Commercial Bike Racks – An Important Element of Pro-Green Culture

The commercial bike racks, also called the bike racks or the bicycle stands, are the devices to which the bikes can be safely attached for the parking purpose. The commercial bike racks may be free standing or securely fixed to the ground or any fixed object like a building. Indoor commercial bike racks are typically used for private bicycle parking, while the outdoor commercial bike racks are usually used on commercial premises. General styles of such racks include the Bollard, Inverted U, Grid, Serpentine and Decorative. The most secure and effective bike racks are the ones that can secure both frame and wheels of the bike, using a bike lock.

The commercial bike racks are developed from a range of materials. Weather resistance, durability, functionality and look are some of the most important factors of the material of the commercial bike racks. Construction materials include steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic or recycled plastic. Every material has its own strengths and drawbacks, and each is unique in terms of appearance.

The commercial bike racks used in the office premises hold special significance for the business. These bike racks are often seen with branded color schemes and elements. For instance, to add a branding factor to any commercial bike rack, many businesses add a logo. It implies that every time a user parks his or her boke or even walks by, he or she is going to see the business logo and remember that business. This is indeed one of the powerful branding techniques used by the businesses nowadays.

Apart from signifying the brand, using branded commercial bike racks also give a message that your business also supports the bike enthusiasts, green commuting and the idea of developing less congestion and smog cut. In today’s pro-exercise, pro-green and pro-bike culture, the forward-thinking businesses are paying attention to adding a commercial bike rack since it is a great way to develop an image in the mind of the users and potential customers that this enterprise is on their side.

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