How to Choose the Best Material for Your Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches not only make our patios comfortable by offering a great seating option but also add charm and elegance to the ambiance through their design and style. When it comes to appeal and durability of outdoor benches, the material choice becomes a critically important element.

This article shares some of the best materials considerations available for outdoor benches. When choosing the outdoor benches, the first thing to consider is material and the extent to which the outdoor benches will be exposed to outdoor elements. Even if the outdoor benches are placed under canopy or some protection, these are still subject to rain, wind and other weather extremes. Hence their durability is important. Choosing the right kind of furniture for your outdoor benches is crucial to make the most of their functionality.


Characterized by its dark brown-red color, mahogany is a hardwood. It is harder and more durable than other woods, like oak or pine. In fact, it is 70% more stable than other kinds of hardwood like balsa or oak.  Mahogany has no grooves or pockets, and therefore, resists water damage. Seasonal changes may lead to intense humidity and during these times, mahogany exhibits minimum shrinkage and swelling.


Teak contains natural properties that are favorable for outdoor benches. Its durability implies that it cannot be rotten or vulnerable to any afflictions such as decay that may happen on other woods like mango wood. Teak is highly adaptable with high resistance to rain and other climatic conditions. Its high endurance also means minimal maintenance requirements.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is the metal that passes through a chemical process called casting. It is manufactured when a method like mould casting is used to change the aluminum for use with the development of numerous kinds of outdoor products.

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