The Installation Operations for Commercial Bike Racks

In few of our previous posts, we have discussed about the commercial bike racks and their importance for any commercial entity. Here we would be focusing more on the manufacturing aspect and the features that are taken into consideration by the manufacturers. You must have an idea that commercial bike racks are great solutions for the accessible and secured bike parking. In order to ensure safe parking and also to keep the place organized, these bike racks work really great.

Commercial bike racks give simple 2-point installation. You can choose from surface mounting or the embedded alternatives to save up to 2-7 bikes at a time. The standard powder coating and the stainless-steel finishing truly matches the range and requirements of the commercial buildings and landscape architectures. The bike racks can also be installed at commercial retail stores, outdoor public points and indoor parking garage. The options are various if you are looking for one of these.

Surface monitoring & Embedded Installation

These are the kinds that are usually available in the market. The semi-permanent and permanent fixtures are readily available. The bolts down surface mountings are installed in current or new concrete and can be re-positioned when required. Embedded mountings are deployed underground for the most secured and permanent facilities. The commercial bike racks are great for outdoor paved surfaces like parking garages, sidewalks and other concrete areas.

Versatile configurations

The standard commercial bike racks are based on 2 installation points as mentioned earlier. The individual bike racks are installed in series in order to make high capacity bike corrals. In addition, the single point bike posts and bollards are also some of the options available having removable mounting alternatives. All commercial bike racks accommodate a standard shaped U-lock or cable around the front or rear tire and frame.

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