Commercial Trash Cans – Maintenance & Cleaning is not That Difficult! Follow the Tips

Cleaning commercial trash cans should be a regular task, is often overlooked or neglected by the concerned staff, and the problems associated to it get worst fast. Even it is of great surprise to me that how many cracker pieces and bits and unknown fluids and liquids make their way past the internal lining of the trash receptacles. A lingering or pathetic odor is the first sign that shows that it is the time to clean the trash receptacles and you should now take gloves and get to cleaning.

In few of our previous posts, we have talked about cleaning of the kitchen trash receptacles. However, the same tips could be applied for commercial ones as well. In this article, we have specifically included cleaning tips of commercial trash cans since these are bit more difficult to be cleaned.

To your surprise, only few easy means are all that are needed to have a fresh smelling and clean trash cans. For those who need deep cleaning and get satisfied hardly, it is an oddly satisfying thing to determine that something meant to be dirty can really be clean easily if certain tips are followed. After you follow these steps and given your trash receptacles a nice cleaning, maintain the challenging work by wiping down both exterior and interior of it with some good disinfectant. This should be the practice each time the trash receptacles are emptied. Following are some helpful tips:

General Cleaning Tips That Are Do Quick Cleaning

Use rubber gloves. Cleaning trash cans can be nasty job; therefore, rubber gloves are more ideal. When you empty the can, make sure you remove all lingering food particles. These are usually found at bottom.  Rinse the trash can properly. If you have a hose outside the building, you can hose it down. If you don’t have outer space, you can do it in the bathroom. Then pat the receptacle dry with paper towel.

Don’t Forget Spraying

Make sure you spray inside with a disinfectant. You should spray liberally both inside and outside of it, especially the top and bottom.

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