Commercial Trash Cans – How Their Re-purposing Doesn’t Stink

Commercial Trash Cans.jpeg

How do you discard damage or old commercial trash cans? It has been observed that disposing of the commercial trash cans is more difficult than we usually think, in particular, the bigger commercial trash that are used for commercial buildings or public spaces trash collection. They often don’t fit into standard trash can removal plan, and require special treatment.

Not everyone holds a vehicle that can easily move and dispose the commercial trash cans or make them emptied and put them back to their place. So, what is the solution? The solution is to encourage people or consider creatively the re-purposing of the large commercial trash cans that they already have.

Repurposing Commercial Trash Cans

The repurposing of the commercial trash cans can be the most eco-friendly option when  the trash cans are no longer required for trash. The most overlooked household things are surprisingly great for making DIY stuff. Commercial trash cans are great materials for upcycling since they use items that are developed tough. Following are some of the ideas for repurposing commercial trash cans.

  • Planters:

The trash cans not having lid can be utilized as a planter both for your outdoors and indoors. Drill a small hole in the bottom for allowing proper drainage. Bigger trash cans make perfect containers for the root vegetables or any plan that has deep root system, like potatoes.

  • Composite bin

Turning your trash can into composite bin is a great idea especially if you have a trash can that has a tear or hole in the side. Take into account online tutorials online that make you learn how to turn a trash can into a black gold for your garden.

  • Storage

Big tools like shovels, rakes etc. are great to be stored in the trash can that has wheels. If you have to work in your yard, just roll out your can storage system there.

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