Wooden Picnic Benches – The Protection is Must

Wooden picnic table.

Picnic benches provide a durable and comfy searing for small to big gatherings and can last for a number of years to come if protected and maintained properly. While usually developed and treated to resist the elements, the sealants applied to protect the wood on picnic benches often break down with the passage of time. For wooden picnic benches, annual sealing can make benches last for long and any kind of bench whether metal, wood or plastic, can be benefited from being covered between the uses.

Wooden Picnic Benches- Yearly Sealing

It is based on the following steps:

  • Move the picnic bench to the covered area where there is a hose. A garage, workshop or a carport is ideal. If this kind of site is not available, plan to seal the benches when the weather forecast shows no sign of raining for at least three coming days.
  • Mix water with oxygen bleach as per instructions given on the label. Wear gloves and clean the surface of the bench and then scrub it with this mixture. This help killing mildew growth on benches and cleaning it of dirt so that the sealant can completely penetrate. Wash the bench with water thoroughly and let it dry overnight.
  • Now apply a smooth coat of water-based wood sealant to the entire bench using a paint brush. A water-resistant wood preservative is usually the best, since it protects against mildew, sun damage and termites, based on the brand purchased.
  • In most of the cases, we recommend not to use oil-based sealants since they can capture moisture inside, eventually leading the bench to rot.
  • Let sealant dry as per the manufacturer’s directions. Repeat this entire process on an annual basis to keep your picnic benches clean, beautiful and protected throughout the year.

If you go for a proper yearly sealing of wooden picnic benches, you will experience the minimum number of repair or maintenance requirements.

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