Commercial Bike Racks – The Installation Guidelines

A rightly installed commercial bike rack is completely safe and useful. The better the location of commercial bike racks are, the more useful they become for the users. Commercial bike racks can be installed at the location that is easily visible to the public. By avoiding the hidden spaces and isolated arras, bikers can feel safe to lock their bikes there safely. Crowded public locations also deter the thieves from stealing their bikes. In addition, by placing the commercial bike racks in visible areas, the location is most likely near the common places of interest, making it more feasible for the people to ride their bikes to the destinations.

However, while the commercial bike racks should be installed in visible locations, it is equally important that these bike racks have enough space away from pedestrians as well as for other traffic. Bike riders need enough space to place their bike around and into the rack, without hitting the other parked cars, bikes and people. It is also very important to position bike racks far from sidewalks, doorways, and path where they can hinder the traffic flow.

Another significant factor to think for is weather protection. If bike racks are being utilized for long-term parking, they must be placed under some kind of weather protection mechanism. This not only protects the bike rack from rust, but also encourage the bike riders to save their bikes there for significant period of time.

Though the key use of the commercial bike racks is parking, it is also useful at times for adjustments. While it is hard to spin a rear wheel while making the derailleur adjustments, of the stand is high enough to support the rear of bike by the saddle nose, this problem is solved easily.

Hence, commercial bike racks installation is an important consideration to strengthen its usefulness.

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