Commercial Park Benches Buying Tips

Commercial Park Benches.jpeg

Commercial park benches are increasingly being used nowadays in urban landscapes. The park benches make the entranceways and pathways inviting and comfortable. Children use the park benches to sit around and play, and many can just sit enjoy nature’s beauty sitting on comfortable park bench.

If you are a small or medium scale business and looking for a functional outdoor space and décor, placing commercial park benches is the best idea. The park benches are available in various sizes and styles to fit diverse seating needs. This article shares some tips to let you buy the best park benches easily.

Before you plan to buy park benches for your space, consider the following features to make your decision:

  • Material
  • Finishing
  • Frame Type
  • Mounting Option
  • Length
  • Style

In few of our last posts, we have discussed about material types and finishing available for park benches. Let’s start from the frame.

The frame adds a unique style to the park benches. An intricate cast aluminum park bench frame makes a traditional style, while a tubular frame creates a more modern look. Make sure the frames are manufactured from high-quality materials and finishes, developed to withstand the elements having little yearly maintenance requirements. Frames are available as:

  • Plastic-coated Frames

The frame is heated to around 800 F and then is immersed into a power-shape polymer. The plastic is adhered to the frame and is re-heated to eliminate any imperfections and drippings for the smooth finish. This coating is easily melted back by a heat gun if gashes or cuts occur. This way, the frame remains in its original state.

  • Powder-coated Frames

A dry, free-flowing powder is used on the frame’s surface and then is cured under high heat. The finish it brings is more rigid than traditional paint, protecting the frame from corrosion.



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