Making Woven Patio Furniture Weather-Proof

Woven Patio Furniture.jpegWoven patio furniture has been in use since ages and wicker is mostly used for having a traditional look for porches. Though woven patio furniture gives a beautiful look, it needs more protection, maintenance and case from the outdoor elements.

With all-weather woven patio furniture available these days, this furniture is no more required to be kept covered as it is able to bear the elements on an open patio, on the front lawn or around a pool.  Here are some great tips to keep your woven patio furniture fully weather-proof all through the year.

Woven Vinyl/Resin

This is the material under heavy usage in woven patio furniture industry. Following are the maintenance tips for this furniture.

  • Vacuum clean or softly brush woven material to remove dirt and dust to prevent decay.
  • Rinse furniture through soft bristle brush or sponge with a solution of water and mild soap. Then rinse with clean water and let it dry. It is recommended to use non-foaming products to clean woven patio furniture, since foaming products can leave residue on surfaces and between gaps, thus attract more dust.


Traditional Woven Wicker

Most of the traditional wicker is not weather-proof. Therefore, it also needs care and maintenance. Follow the following tips:

  • Vacuum clean or softly brush woven material to remove dirt and dust to prevent decay.
  • It is recommended to hose down and wipe clean the furniture with a damp sponge. For soiled areas, use cold, water, mild detergent and soft bristle brush. Rinse furniture well with clean and water and let it dry.
  • If the furniture becomes scratched, chipped or worn, clean and dry the areas. Coat with touch-up paint. In vase of scratched or chipped metal frames, gently sand with fine grit sandpaper. Clean and dry that areas and give a coat of touch-up paint.

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