Definitive List Of Perfect Materials For Outdoor Benches


benches in winter

Did you know that your outdoor landscape can raise 20% value of your property? As per one of the recent surveys conducted by one of the real estate companies in U.K., it has been found that properly decorated and well maintained outdoors enhance property value by as much as 20%.

Now this is something amazing, unless you don’t know what makes your outdoor that much great enough. Outdoor furniture, especially the outdoor benches placed in your garden, backyard or lawn, are one of the most important elements to pay attention upon. This article lists some of the best material choices in terms of selecting your outdoor benches and other patio furniture.

  • Synthetic Wicker

It has been observed that most of the outdoor benches are made from this material, which is also called resin wicker sometimes. This wicker resembles natural wicker in terms of look, but is much more durable than that. Natural wicker is made from the planet materials, and therefore, is vulnerable to sleet, rain, moisture and snow, which makes it a not suitable choice for making outdoor benches.

Synthetic wicker outdoor benches are made from resins extracted from the plant matter and that is able to get hardened permanently. Resin material, of high-quality, is usually very sense and extremely durable to bear all outdoor elements.

  • Teak

If you still want something natural, yet more durable, teak is an ideal choice for your outdoor benches. Teak is a close-grained, dense hardwood having a natural oil, making it highly resistant to elements. This helps it repel water and thus it is less prone to cracking, warping or getting brittle.

  • Concrete

If you want a material that remains in perfect condition even if you forget to transfer under shade during bad weather, concrete makes the topmost choice. The outdoor benches made from concrete are the most durable, strongest and highly resistant to extreme weather.

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