Taking Care Of Sunbrella Upholstery

Sunbrella .jpeg

In last few years, we have seen sunbrella is widely chosen fabric for outdoor furniture. In particular, the sunbrella upholstery is getting a great deal of attention. However, many households don’t go for this option thinking that it is too difficult to clean and maintain.

However, this is not the case. One of the simplest ways to keep your sunbrella fabrics looking great lies in brushing off its dirt before it is embedded into fabrics and wiping up the spills after a stain is seen. The faster you clean stains and spills, the easier these can be cleaned.

The Primary Cleaning Method

Try this method first if there are spills and stains on sunbrella fabric outdoor furniture:

  • Blot the liquid spills with a dry clean cloth. Don’t rub. If the spills are oil-based, use an absorbent like corn starch first and then clean them with a straight edge.
  • Spray a mild cleaning soap solution (mild soap mixed with lukewarm water).
  • Then wash the fabric well to remove all mixture residue.
  • Let the fabric dry in natural air or sunlight.

The Second Cleaning Method

Though sunbrella is used both for indoor and outdoor furniture, the cleaning method differs slightly due to the manufacturing and fabrication of furniture. We always recommend applying the suitable cleaning methods as per instructions of the manufacturer. Some of the cleaning methods are as follows:

  • Indoor Upholstery
  • Make a mixture containing water and light mist of the mild soap and apply the mixture through spray bottle.
  • With a soft sponge, slightly agitate the surface area of fabric to remove stain. Don’t scrub and don’t apply any hard bristle brush or sponge as it would abrade the surface.
  • Wash the fabric to remove all residue.
  • Remove excess moisture with a soft clean towel.
  • Wet vacuum the water from the entire fabric surface.
  • Air dry the furniture.
  • Repeat the process till all residue of soap is removed.



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