Handling Feminine Trash Receptacles

Feminine Trash Receptacles.jpeg

Feminine trash receptacles are the most hazardous spots in the females’ restroom. Usually emptied on a daily basis, but not cleaned on a regular basis, the plastic or metal hinged trash receptacles in the restroom are the systems for disposing of soiled female care products.

As per recent studies, such receptacles can pose serious health risks for restroom’s staff and patrons. This article talks about handling feminine Trash Receptacles, sharing the tips and cleaning process that should be followed:

  1. Always wear highly protective gloves while cleaning such receptacles.
  2. Empty the contents by pulling out the liner bag, sealing and putting it in a lined cleaning trash pickup cart.
  3. The liner should be handled with extra caution since it may contain sharp objects like needles.
  4. Check the inside of the bin, carefully removing any remaining debris or object and dispose of in the trash.
  5. If there are disposable wipes, use only paper towels to remove.
  6. For proper disinfection, apply a disinfectant both on internal and external surface of the trash receptacle, and also on the lid, even you don’t see any soiling.
  7. Consult and take approval of your supervisor before using any disinfectant. A proper disinfectant is the one approved by the state’s environmental protection agency and registered with the authorized body. To be effective, read and follow the suggested swell time mentioned on product’s label.
  8. Paper towels or disposable wipes should be used to dry receptacles surfaces. Dispose these towels and wipes when saturated.
  9. To comply with Pathogen standards, line the cleaned receptacles with a bag that fully covers the inside and enclose discarded sanitary items inside. This protects the restroom staff from being directly exposed to materials containing blood and hazardous body fluids.
  10. There is no need to place multiple liner bags in the bin.
  11. Always check your work to make sure all hygienic standards are met.

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