Outdoor Dining Tables – Materials & Care Guide

Outdoor Dining Tables (6).jpeg

The objective is a well-appointed patio furniture, which include outdoor dining tables as a vital component, is comfort and relaxation. This objective is achieved if you choose the best material for your outdoor furniture and know how to take care of it. This materials and care guide post will help you assessing different materials’ style, durability, performance and maintenance level under different climates.

  1. Aluminum

We have seen aluminum as by far, the most widely used contemporary outdoor dining tables, even resin wicker is usually woven over an aluminum frame. This is because aluminum is strong yet light in weight, and unlike other metals, it doesn’t rust.

Care Tips

  • Spray tables with clear water and mild soapy mixture in order to remove dirt and dust.
  • Maintain furniture’s finish through touching up chips in paint for preventing oxidation.
  1. Resin Wicker

While the plant material like rattan and cane are the old materials to make wicker furniture, the word “wicker” means woven style in which the outdoor furniture is made, not the material used. This is a long lasting and weather proof synthetic fiber weave that is wrapped onto a metal frame.

Care Tips

  • Spray water to remove dirt and pollen.
  • Let it dry
  • If you are not sure of its resistance to sunlight, place it under shaded areas while not being used.
  1. Wood

It is to be noted that all woods are not same; however, all provide one common advantage to all patio outdoor furniture i.e. the long lasting appeal of this material. Cedar, pine, and fir are softer woods with natural weather withstanding quality, while hardwood like teak and shorea boast exceptional performance and durability.

Care Tips:

  • Use pads, coasters or felt to prevent appearance of moisture rings and marks of heat
  • Sealing with stains or varnishes prevents warping in humid seasons
  • If there is a sealed wood, clean it with mild water and soap mixture to clean dust, pollen and dirt.

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