Sunbrella is the fabric that is used for making sun umbrellas, drapery and upholstery, is of amazing quality considered around the globe. Sunbrella products are the invention of intensive research, enabling outdoor furniture producers to develop incredible furniture pieces using this fabulous fabric. Sunbrella is known for its high quality and matchless durability. In this post, we will tell you why you should choose sunbrella fabrics for your outdoor patio furniture.

  • So many colors

The sunbrella fabrics are found in a wide range of colors. Whatever patterns or shades you can imagine, you can easily find these in huge sunbrella color spectrum. Used mostly for pillows and cushions, the fabrics give a full spectrum of shades to fulfill all needs, expectations and requirements. It is quite easy to do mixing and matching with colors in order to develop an ideal look for the patio furniture.

  • So many patterns

There is no end when it comes to creativity. Customizing patio furniture from endless variety of sunbrella fabrics having stunning prints and patterns is now possible. From diamonds to leaves to circles, stripes and tweeds, a beautiful patterned piece is there for your pillows and cushions. Pairing a solid color with some patterned fabric is an easy and quick way to renovate your furniture.

  • Protection

Sunbrella furniture is especially developed to bear the action of damaging factors of weather and protect the health of you and your family members. While sunbrella fabrics hinder growth of mildew or mold, these organisms can also feed on debris or dirt present on fabric surface. Hence, it is recommended to clean, rinse and dry your cushions and pillows thoroughly before storage.

  • Easy to maintain

Taking care of the sunbrella fabrics is quite easy. Most common stains and dirt can easily be cleaned by using just warm water and mild soap, applied on the surface either with some sponge or soft cloth.

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