Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Outdoor Lounge Furniture.jpeg

The recent innovation in terms of outdoor lounge furniture setting, the moonscape synthetic wicker color is getting immensely popular. It really has granted all weather wicker made outdoor lounge furniture a fresher look after seeing years of darker shades and tones. The synthetic wicket material holds a mottled grey color that gives it a quite natural look. As a part of the outdoor lounge furniture manufacturer’s desired material list, this material is usually considered to absorb UV radiations up to some extent. In addition, the outdoor lounge furniture made from this material holds long term durability.

The increasing trend in the outdoor lounge furniture that enables you to make the most of your outdoor space with a blend of dining and lounge setting is a must try this summer. This can even be blended with moonscape inspired elements


The Maldives Island has firstly started using wicker and introduced the idea of moonscape outdoor lounge furniture. There are a lot of moonscape pieces available in a range of table and setting alternatives so can easily come up with a setting suitable to your space and preferences. The versatility and functionality of this material has made moonscape lounges a popular chic trend of today.

With all of the outdoor lounge furniture available individually, you can blend any of the wicker furniture models with any other materials of your choice, specifically the moonscape colors look just great with the vintage teak tables. You can also think of using the moonscape colored dining chairs and a teak table to make a beautiful lounge settings outside. Teak coffee table is another great option for your outdoor lounge. This is something artistic and gives a sense of solace and relaxation since teak made lounge furniture gives soothing effects to eyes.

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