Cleaning Metal Patio Furniture

Pavers Patio
Outdoor patio furniture is passing through revolutions in terms of styles, trends and manufacturing materials day by day. Similarly, their cleanliness and maintenance is also becoming advancer and more important than before. The most stylish and contemporary patio furniture of today is coming up with the immense need of regular maintenance or else, you will be at loss by seeing your investment either fading or losing the value with time. Therefore, in order to save your investment and let you have some great ideas about it, we are sharing some important tips for patio furniture cleaning and maintenance.

Metal and wrought Iron Furniture cleaning:

  • Mix up some amount of detergent in a bucket containing lukewarm water.
  • Do scrubbing on patio furniture. You can use soft scrub brush for this purpose.
  • Now wash the furniture with normal tap water and let it dry.
  • Once it is dried, using a sandpaper or wire brush, remove rusted spots down to bare metal.
  • Remove any residual metal by using a clean cloth that is soaked with naphtha or mineral spirits.
  • Now spray the bare spots with primer that is made exclusively for metal, like by Rust-Oleum, as per the directions given on the product. The let furniture dry for some time.
  • Then spray patio furniture with paint that is made for metal having desired color, as per the direction given on the bottle.
  • Let the furniture dry completely and it is all set to be placed as a brand new patio furniture.

Aluminum Furniture cleaning

Here the main thing is to prevent the oxidation of the patio furniture. Following are some tips.

  • Remove the light oxidation by rubbing furniture surface by using a mixture of white vinegar and water. The ratio should be 50 percent of each.
  • You can rub the furniture surface with automotive rubbing or the polishing compound to remove away the oxidation.

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