Park Benches

Surfing on the bench

The park bench is the functional object however, a bench means much more than this function. This way, characteristic to it is the design and the comfort, material themselves and their quality, the dimensions, location and nearness to interest points, the security and the connection with the surrounding area and the shelter from extreme weather. In this article, we would be discussing the park benches in the light of a scholarly survey that showed how park benches must be placed and what factors should be taken care of during their placement.

The dimension of park benches are of great significance because of that fact that they almost completely, make up the comfort of the bench. The length of the bench, but most importantly, its backrest height and its seat dimension must define a bench and the grace of its usage. As per the ergonomic studies and the architectural standards, the perfect dimensions are as follows:

Height: 0.45 m of the seat above the ground

Height: 0.27 m of the backrest

Width: 0.45 m

Angel between seat and backrest: 110 – 120 degree

Angel between seat and the ground: 0- 30 degree.

Another factor is the proximity. This trait means the physical distance between the park bench and the interest point or the center. His point can be social, cultural or personal one. This means that a park bench must be fixed where it might be used. The interest center might be an intimate one, a social or public one. For elders, most of the time, the interest center is their own home, so the park bench placed near by their home van make them leave their dwelling for a short walk. In addition, park benches placed near areas having schools and office buildings are also the source of comfort and relaxation for the visitors.

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