Liven Up Your Grill Setup

Photo of a clean barbecue cooker with cookware and cold beer in bucket on cedar wood patio. Table and colorful trees in background.

September 8, 2015

On their own, grills do not typically present an appealing view for the eyes. On the outside, they look like huge clumps of metal that stick out like a sore thumb in people’s yards. As a result, most people cover it up or move it to the side of the house to store it. In more recent times, people have gotten fed up with having to stash away their grills and prefer to keep them out, albeit with better aesthetics. Bring some life to your patio setup with these ideas.

Add function to a small space. If you do not have a lot of space to work with, consider bringing utility to your grill area. For example, a sink near the grill saves countless trips to wash utensils and produce. In addition, when not using the grill, the sink serves as a convenient spot to wash hands and do gardening. To add even more function to a small space, add a countertop along with other features, such as a spot for an ice bucket, pizza oven, fireplace, spot for storage, planter to grow herbs, and much more.

Make your grill setup adapt to any time of the day with lighting and shade accessories. For lighting, get creative with how to attach lights to a nearby fixture to illuminate the grill area for potential nighttime grilling. Stringed lights or built-in lights brighten up your grill setup. For daytime grilling, shade can make a huge difference, especially when grilling in hotter climates. A simple shade structure around the grill along with some outdoor patio furniture can turn the grill area into a small porch. Consider steel sheets above the grill to prevent accidental fires.

Outdoor cooking does not necessarily have to use a conventional grill. An outdoor kitchen setup could possibly contain a flattop or stovetop range. Cooking that utilizes a wok would favor a stovetop range setup, and allows for larger food portions to serve more people. Grills do not necessary need to stay outside either. Some kitchens or sunrooms have a built-in grill for hybrid indoor-outdoor cooking. Remember to install a furnace or other form of ventilation for smoke.

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