Bricks Bring An Antique Charm to the Garden


Old and reclaimed materials bear an antique charm to them. From reclaimed wood to bricks, the wear & tear on the material exhibits old age and history. Things such as nicks, dings, pockmarks, roughed edges, stains, and faded paints all contribute towards a gorgeous appearance of antique bricks. Used or reclaimed bricks deliver a unique rustic and historic appearance to the surroundings, which helps construction or renovation projects feel more textured.

Traditionally, bricks represent a classic modular paving and historic building material composed of clay, sand, water, minerals, and materials local to its origin of manufacturing. Bricks come into shape via molds, baked or dried in a kiln, and then left to harden. All sorts of brick types exist, but street bricks and common bricks last the longest, so they work the best for fulfilling the role of antique bricks. Street bricks derive from old streets, so they can withstand physical impacts and weather or climate changes. Common bricks absorb moisture, making them unsuitable for colder climates.

The price and availability of older antique bricks depend on the location that they come from. These bricks range from $6 to $15 per square foot, which vary based on the type, age, and structural integrity – older bricks with a more antique look that still physically hold up may cost more. Hardware stores typically sell these bricks stacked by the pallet. Older cities tend to have a greater supply of these bricks on hand, but some companies can ship pallets of bricks to your location at the steep cost of the shipping. Local sources include the local municipality’s building material reuse facility, architectural salvage shops, and local contractors.

Reusing reclaimed materials like brick and wood makes it sustainable because it gives new purpose to old materials that would otherwise go towards a landfill. Due to the mixed nature of reused materials, varied color tones add some depth to an outdoor area. Try adding patio furniture that matches the color blend of all the materials for a more fluid look, such as white chairs with lighter colored bricks. Sometimes a flat color scheme can appear boring, so using old bricks not only brings an antique feel, but also adds visual variety.

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