How the Staycation Concept Influenced Outdoor Rooms

Staycation SignMany of the biggest writers in the decorating world are talking about the fact that a certain term known as the “Staycation” has gained popularity in recent years. So what impact has this had on the scene and why should it matter to you? We’ll discuss all of this and tell you a bit about the term as well if you are unfamiliar with it. We would argue that this is an insanely powerful force in art and design today which can drive entire careers in one direction or another.

For those of us unfamiliar with the term, what is a Staycation? It’s basically a buzzword for staying at home for your vacation. Much like the word implies. It goes by many different terms around the world but has become quite popular in the modern era. When you have homes with every type of convenience possible why would you not stay and hang out for a bit? It costs less as well.

With the advent of some amazing new fabrics and other textures you could now cushion most of an outdoor room without having to clean it nonstop. We’ve seen this taken to a whole new level lately with entire outdoor areas cushioned. We’ve discussed it before but it’s something unthinkable to people many years ago. But now we can do it easily and affordable.

Don’t be afraid to go with a light-hearted theme. A “Tiki” lounge with an outdoor bar is a popular use for many pieces of furniture. Creating an amazing theme with all of this is something that so many journeyman designers use to make their homes incredible.

Patio Furniture saw the most impressive change in the fact that people were buying more of it than ever. People wanted to get out of their stuffy homes but didn’t want to spend the money and time needed to go around the world. Therefore this led to a huge upswing in new purchases. It has been a great time for the industry over recent years as well. It’s really incredible for those who got in during the upswing.

Along with this demand we saw more entertainment centers and daybeds created just for the idea of the “Staycation”. Some of the larger producers have entire rooms in one unit so that you don’t even have to walk a few feet to reach a new and interesting diversion for yourself or those that you care about.

One great thing about investing in a “vacation” section of the house is that you get to keep all the items instead of just renting a room or vacation resort slot. And you can choose some very interesting pieces as well.

Staycations are not for everyone but we would guess that at least a few readers already do this. They just don’t call it a strange name. Whatever makes you feel comfortable at home can help you create your own little getaway. In the end only you know what works for those you love. So be sure to do a bit of introspection. It can be invaluable in the design process.

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