Synthetic Wicker Becomes More Popular

Synthetic Wicker FurnitureSynthetic wicker continues to constantly improve each year. Once only used with those creating cheaper pieces to save money the trend has changed in so many different ways. Now some of the largest companies and most innovative names in design are looking at this. There are many different advantages to these blends. So how could your own designs improve by using this? We’ll discuss that for you as well.

So what is synthetic wicker? We’ve talked about it a bit in the past but there are many blends. Plastics and even metals are woven into incredibly intricate shapes. There is no set blend when it goes to all of this and they’re working to improve each one. Years from now we’ll have a set blend which is resilient to every sort of weather and can last indefinitely with only small amounts of maintenance.

Many of the largest designers have turned to synthetic wicker these days due to the low cost as well. Even those who have international names can see the advantage of saving money in these areas. Incredibly resilient weaves made into amazing shapes often cost very small amounts of money to manufacture. It also lets them improve upon their sculpting processes in order to make entirely new shapes.

On that note the massive amount of shapes which the overall materials can fit into was a big reason for the shift as well. Wicker normally has to be woven which is great for the natural look but can be very difficult. Because of this it wasn’t always the best choice for companies which needed to move huge amounts of product. We can finally get the best of both worlds due to the manufacturing advances we’ve seen recently.

Outdoor Furniture has the added advantage of being completely immune to many of the dangers that normal wicker falls to. The best new chairs and tables can stand up to months of weather with limited maintenance. They also don’t have bugs burrow into them and make nests, which obviously has some marked advantages.

For the most part this upturn in popularity simply came about because the most important names in furniture have taken note of it. Once again this is one of the best ways to see an upcoming trend.

This of course does not always work with the truly organic style. Some people want to have everything be authentically natural. This is sort of odd because chairs do not occur in nature and you are unlikely to find a roaming credenza searching for food on the western plains. Despite this some people want to see everything look natural, since appearance is so important in so many ways.

As with other improvements like this you can expect it to only get better from here. It’s an evolving topic which we’ll be sure to write about in the futures as well. Art will also improve in this area with the advent of 3D printing which we’ve talked about quite a bit in the past. It’s a great time to be an outdoor furniture designer.



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