Why are Trends Uniform from the United States to Europe?

International Trendy SeatingOver the years we’ve noticed something very clearly emerging in first-world countries or cities. Certain trends seem to pop up everywhere in these areas. It’s almost like there is a hive mind and cultural agreement between all of them. On some level this is actually quite accurate and might be what is really going on for many of the biggest names. So how does all of this work and why will it be the status quo for the foreseeable future?

As you can see here trends change very little from continent to continent. It’s undeniable that one sort of artistic design will be seen all over the world, if it is from a top name. So before we get started just come to terms with this reality if you have not.

Money is of course at the root here. It’s profitable for everyone to have a uniform vision of what is hot. It helps retailers sell more and more of every product. It also helps them cut out the competition that wants to come in with something unusual that does not fit with the normal trends. It’s all about the money, as you probably already guessed.

The best example of this is, you guessed it, is organic design. From the United States to the United Kingdom and even in Beijing we’re seeing many high-end establishments and homes use this. Gardens filled with wildlife and exotic plants are once again in vogue across many countries. It’s almost like people all came together and agreed they would do this at the same time.

Other small coincidences come up as well, such as a style of wood seating in sections or a set color that many rich homes and businesses all use across the cities of the world. This happens every year in smaller or larger amounts depending on a few factors will discuss.

So what causes all this? The modern age of technology is mostly responsible for all of this. Information flowing freely, which all of these areas share, is chiefly responsible for this sort of thing and it’s easier than ever to talk with someone around the world. Translation technologies have also become a huge part of this because they let people learn about their options from those around the entire world.

This does put some styles of outdoor patio furniture at risk though. It’s hard to stand out when everyone feels the same way that you do on something. You can create a local style that really does away with convention but that is difficult unless you are a big designer yourself. This is what we’re all striving for obviously, both as artists and decorators.

You can also just go with the flow and use it to your own advantage. This is what many huge manufacturers do. If something is popular then you just go with it and reap the profits in the long run. It’s easier than swimming against the current. So be sure to weigh your options and come up with your own long-term solution as well.


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