Animals and Organic Design

Garden BirdsAnimals, pets in particular, are important pieces for many designers. Whether they are creating outdoor furniture specifically for them or simply creating a few additional pieces with pet care in mind they are invaluable. It’s also a popular and growing industry for those who only want to have the very best for their pets. We think that you should look into this as well, not that it’s a new concept but it is one that is being used more than ever before these days.

Due to the earth-centered trends we see constantly a live animal can be a great addition to any outdoor room. But it also comes with the normal wear and tear that any living creature brings with it. So you need to make sure that you have enough time to handle all of this. Having additional finishes and buffing out small scrapes are two extremely important parts of this design style.

Most people just want to find out how to protect contemporary outdoor furniture from animals. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. You should also look into creating comfortable spaces for them so that they don’t have to hop up on everything. Try an outdoor designer pet bed or other item and see if it fits for your pet.

We talk a lot about creating a lively atmosphere. Having living creatures walking around your backyard can easily do that in no time. In many ways there is no other way to do that. After all, even if you have the brightest colors known to man the furniture is not actually going to be alive of course. It’s really that simple.

You do not have to create a palatial estate for all the animals in your neighborhood. Just having some sort of living space for your dog and a few bird feeders can actually make a world of difference. Just putting in a small amount of effort can have a huge, massive effect.

Conditions can sometimes get dangerous for some pets as well. For example if you have a fire pit table or other dangerous setting, even sharp pieces on furniture, they could be injured unexpectedly. Try to pick pieces that won’t hurt anyone if you are unsure as to how your pet will handle the new additions.

Aquatic life can be a useful addition, as with the ever-popular koi pond. Having a space for any sort of fish or aquatic life can give you that extra touch. It can help give you a serene sort of atmosphere as well.

In many ways if you are designing for a pet it will help you easily set up organic design with your outdoor furniture. Since you have to build around a living, breathing animal you’ll need to have some natural pieces. Wood can also be quite resilient to pets marking, and the tougher ones can even stand up to scratches very easily. It’s a great look that insures everything stays in great shape for a long time as well. It can even help keep your Child Design as well.


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