Looking at an Unusual Small-Scale Brick House

Tiny Brick HouseToday we’re going to be looking on the unusual style of a house which stands out from every other sort of home worldwide. The true outliers of style can give you a source of inspiration which you cannot get anywhere else. Because it this looking at all of these outliers is the best way to refresh your design spirit if you are stuck in a rut. This small cottage is, amusingly, located in Brick, New Jersey. It’s a bit of a pun but that makes it charming in a different way.

It’s a very unique house for any sort of area. Since it was set up for a midget everything is super-small. Every piece of furniture, wall and door is made for those of a smaller statue. This makes each item different and can be a major draw for anyone visiting the area. You could even conceivably offer tours if you manage to create a setting which impresses visitors to a great degree. It’s a thought for a bit of additional revenue.

What’s so strange about this is that the owners are not midgets. Instead it was all set up as a playhouse for grandchildren in the family. It’s rare for someone to go to all this trouble for a younger family member but it does happen. As a result they have a fully working setting with piano and kitchen included.

This home actually has many of the same items that you would see in any other house, simply presented in a new way to make them novel. So it fits in with the theme that you should keep the classics and try to present them in a new and interesting way. So many different designers have used this to great effect that it is a standard today. You may have done something like this in the past as well. Try to think back to times you have driven inspiration in this way.

The downside to having a draw like this is that it can attract those who were too interested in the setting. Apparently the house was vandalized many times. Because of this it wasn’t always used in the way they wanted to. When you have an amazing setting like this that has wide-spread appeal you may have the same problems. That is of course if you have the money to protect it all.

Hurricane Sandy actually left the area quite damaged and there was little that could be done about it. There are times when catastrophic incidents cause massive damage to an area. All you can do is rebuild and replace some items when it comes to this. Fortunately events like these are few and far between.

Outdoor Furniture is similarly scaled down as well although the inner house is the main focus. Much of this was damaged or swept away though so we don’t have a lot of inspiration to draw here. It’s just another cautionary tale on how amazing items can be insecure and cause some serious problems for people down the road.

No matter what it’s clear that brick style will always be popular both today and in vintage buildings like this.



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