Bigger, Bolder Trends Rise in Several Areas

Brightly Colored Outdoor FurnitureBig colors and large furniture have caught on in a few areas of the United States and world in general. With more than $5 billion dollars in the industry the fact that this is a significant chunk of it is a huge deal. Should you go with this sort of style? It really depends on where you live as well. Receiving feedback on what you need can help you figure this out as well. That’s a good rule of thumb no matter what happens.

In Miami big, bold colors and styles have often been the focal point for many homes. This is perhaps the most interesting example of this trend. Everything from the outdoor chairs to the curtains goes bigger and brighter. It’s easy to tell why, people want to party when they go to a place like Miami. Due to this big colors and huge items are what they want to see in order to keep the mood looking good.

Even non-traditional features are becoming larger. Fire pit tables and fountains are larger than ever in homes that you would not normally expect to see them in as well. Pools, anything that makes the experience more interesting is getting bigger. You can even do this with your tableware and placeholders when serving food in order to really create an atmosphere where more is more. Gardens even feature larger plants.

Another advantage of all this is that you can fill up an entire room of any sort without much trouble. Because of this it can save you a lot of time and effort as well. Make sure not to choose ones which are too heavy though. It can be very difficult to move these around or store them unless you are able to pay some movers or possess prodigious strength.

Comfort is a big reason for these changes. Everyone loves to have a couch or other huge item which someone can lounge back on and even lie down just a bit. Some people even like to take naps outside and these pieces of outdoor furniture have marked advantages when it comes to that. Outdoor living is something that almost everyone wants in areas where it works.

This could work for you with your outdoor patio furniture. This is only true if it fits in with the current trends and climate of your area. If space is at a premium then you might want to go with something a bit smaller. As always you know your own unique situation better than we do. Be sure to discuss things with your family and friends as well.

All of this size is relative of course. There was never really an era in history when some of the wealthiest people in the world did not decide to install a massive installation. So in some ways it’s not really such a new trend, just one that has become more accessible for people over the years. You may sometimes have to spend a bit more for the biggest items but it is worth it.


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