The Interesting “Design Empathy” Style

Design Empathy ArtAn interesting new style of decorating has come up in Australia, one that blends psychology with decoration as well. It’s making news around the world and blends the worlds of science with that of art. As such it’s a uniquely singular trend that we have only occasionally seen in the past. We’ll be breaking down exactly what it is for you and how you can use it in your home as well, although perhaps not for the same therapeutic purposes that others do.

“Design Empathy” works on the concept that colors, lighting and texture can have therapeutic applications. In this case the style was used in the Northern School for Autism in Australia. The belief of many psychologists is that when you have soft, comforting and inviting décor you can actually use that to soothe someone’s mind and help them work through any mental issues they have. It can have a calming effect.

Anyone who has worked as a designer understands how this could work. Simply having a new atmosphere or a relaxing one, can actually put people at ease. This has been used so many times in the past in order to create an amazing look or set up a business which puts people at ease. If you are professional designers you are probably already extensively familiar with this in many of your projects as well.

This style is thought to have many more applications in therapy than the usual ones. Notably they’ll be using it to treat those with autism who have a tendency to be set off by external stimuli. By keeping them in a comfortable location they can slowly adjust and learn to tolerate a harsher world later on, without endangering themselves or others. This is the sort of thing psychologists are always looking for.

The science behind all of this is sound. Something as simple as outdoor furniture can be interpreted by the human mind in a myriad number of ways. Everything you take in all day has a subtle impact on your attitude and behavior, so subtle that you rarely even notice it. As designers and artists you probably already know about this. There is also serious evidence that all of this modification to your mood can have a psycho-somatic effect, which means something that is just in your mind causes physical changes in your body.

Any item can be used with this. From sofas to Outdoor Bar Stools you can do something with this in order to make clients, friends or even patients feel better. Different colors also have a tendency to evoke new modes and other changes. Each one also has a different impact depending on the current age and mental state of those who view it.

For most designers you won’t be practicing psychology with your work. But it is inspiring and interesting to learn that all of the thoughts about your work having a real impact are true. They have a real basis in scientific fact that no one can deny. If you want to create a calm environment we would advise against bucking the matching trend.


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