Looking at a Post-Katrina Design

Post-Katrina HomeHurricane Katrina caused a terrible tragedy and rethought how people designed around coastal areas around the world. In places like this it’s always a serious problem that you need to keep in mind. But how can you handle extreme weather while still beautifying your furniture setting? We’ll take a look at how some designers have done this and what you can do if you live in an area where similar extreme weather happens occasionally.

Recent (relatively) disasters have changed the face of contemporary outdoor furniture. Now those in at-risk areas want their buildings and furniture to be more resilient. Able to handle a move or even able to simply stand up to the severe damage that Mother Nature can naturally inflict.

The area in which the buildings are placed matters quite a bit as well. Many architects and artists look into higher locations. Obviously when you have a house which sits far above every other part of the town the biggest risk, flooding, no longer becomes as large. Many buildings can withstand incredibly strong winds but a sustained flood can be a huge problem for even the sturdiest home because the water pressure is often enough to smash it off of foundations.

Many of the materials are used so that they will be able to repair some slight damage or even more severe impacts from flying materials. Even when you are safe from most risks there is always something that can go severely wrong when you are in a disaster-level situation. Therefore it pays to design outdoor furniture and indoor shelter in ways that you can fix over time no matter what happens to the building.

Famous designers put quite a lot of thought into designs like this. Not only must the building survive future incidents but it doesn’t hurt for most of the furniture to be quite durable as well. There are many different ways to do this from tacking them down to making them massively heavy and resilient. You need to be careful with some of this because if a storm can still pick it up then it can fly into a wall or home.

A similar scenario happened after the floods in Japan as well. Designers there focus on preparing for major storms as well. Some of their disasters even caused irradiated material to flow into certain areas. In sections which can be rebuilt they have kept some traditional style but are using super-alloys of materials and incredibly resilient stone structures. In their case it was a tsunami which can sometimes cause even more damage to buildings.

All of these designs do not of course make the setting immune to the weather, which is practically impossible. Even in cases like this maintenance and shelter go a long way to keeping the best items looking great. Even when you’ve spent millions on a setting that’s not the end of everything; it’s a constant struggle against the normal wear and tear that we all have to deal with in design.

Some good came of the revitalization because many artists are coming together after this, as they’ve done in other communities. It’s quite inspiring.


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