Revisiting “Strategic” Lighting

Strategic Outdoor LighitngLighting is always a subject which we will talk about here. Lately the buzzword has been “strategic” for this. So what exactly does that mean? We’ll go over that for you and how to create a setting like this. Before getting started you should take stock of what lighting you already have. From candles to spotlights there are dozens of ways to design a new setting which can lighten up your mood. Each new item could also use similar new lighting as well.

Strategic lighting mostly refers to deeply planning how all of your lights will be arranged throughout the entire setting. Even creating a map or design board is sometimes a good idea if you are a professional designer. Since lighting can become quite expensive it’s important to get everything right the first time. No matter how you do it planning is essential for creating the perfect lighting setup. You can of course do this regardless of your level of training.

Lighting is always a central theme in design each year but much of the advice stays the same. Some of it does bear repeating though, such as putting the best lighting in areas where you actually need it. After all, no one wants to cook outside where they can’t see or end up tripping due to a dark area. In both cases you can just use a simple, pragmatic area to get the best results when you first lay out all of your lighting.

Control is always a big factor when it comes to lighting. Make sure you have some sort of dimmer switch or other control. In the most impressive homes you’ll find full installations that can control every aspect of the light. In highly advanced settings they also have installations which can change the color as well, but that’s probably only something you would want to go for if you are installing this in a business.

Night lighting is the most valuable kind for obvious reasons. In most areas of the world you can normally rely on nature to provide proper lighting during the day. However the moon has obvious phases of wax and wane so it isn’t quite so reliable. On the upside creating artificial light for your furniture allows you to control the look of each item down to the very last detail. Many of the best designers in the world do this as well and create incredible settings.

Fire Pit Tables not only help you serve some fine meals but they provide a subtle sort of lighting as well. Candles and other small settings allow you to have an understated look. Be sure to factors these into some of your plans as well. Safety around fire is vital so be sure that there aren’t any children or even irresponsible adults who could knock these over and cause an unexpected fire. It’s the best way to keep your guests safe while creating a great atmosphere.

Design is almost always something you need to plan anyway so be sure to keep these lessons in mind when working on any sort of other project as well.



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