Examining Gated Community Trends

Black and White Community GateSome of you may already live in a gated community. Others may be hoping to move there at some point in the future. In either case it’s valuable to understand why these areas have become so popular and what it means for your entire furniture design strategy. There are many key aspects to consider.

In some cases you may have to deal with a homeowners association. These are very common in areas like this because they want everything looking a certain way. Many of them have absolutely massive portfolios for restrictions.

Gated communities are now seen as a big plus in most parts of the country. Therefore the natural popularity of such a setting has contributed to this particular setup greatly influencing the entire design of upper-class homes.

All of these factors create an area where you have to go big or not go home. Unless you can afford the tremendous amount of money needed to maintain a home like this a gated community is not a great choice. However for those who can put the time and money in it is perhaps the safest place to be.

Updating your items regularly is another big part of keeping any resort looking beautiful. Tastes change over the years and you may need to change with them. Be sure to get some feedback from visitors as well on the additional amenities they want. You may have a pool but there may not be any spa for those who want to relax in a very different way. You can even take requests for specific food and drinks in the areas of your bar or restaurant that are busiest.

Patio Furniture is often at least a bit more secure than a normal area, not strictly due to the gate. Many of these areas include a security detail to make sure no one sneaks in. This gives you a bit of added security for those who want to buy the really huge items as well. This factor makes it an attractive choice for anyone looking into incredibly expensive furniture investments.

The only real negative to designing outdoor furniture and architectural setups for these areas is that you can’t always push the limits and really try some unusual designs. Due to this those who want to be seen as truly innovative artists might want to shy away from all of this. While you can make an incredible amount of money this way it may not be what your creative spirit.

As an owner of a home like this you should keep the same factors in mind as well. Hopefully someone in your family has a mindset which is well suited for decorative design. It can become a new hobby for them or they can expand their current efforts in dozens of new ways. It’s the perfect choice for those who are really into this sort of thing and want to expand their knowledge. It’s similar to having a curated collection.

We hope that you also go big for your next project. In cases like this more isn’t less, it’s more and that’s a great thing.




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