Riots Threaten Outdoor Furniture Settings

West Virginia Couch BurningToday we’ll be doing a story that is more than a bit ridiculous. Bear with us though because it is somewhat important for any designer, although the circumstances are nothing less than bizarre. Recent events in a few areas have made us take notice of the situation. We’ll be going over one in particular for you here because it’s so out of hand. We don’t expect you to fact the same situation but it is food for thought if you live in an area that has some rowdy people in it.

Things became so bad in West Virginia that outdoor furniture is banned. That’s right; you aren’t supposed to have outdoor furniture there. It’s quite strange and a ban like this does not come around often, perhaps every thirty or so years. You can be fined for having any of it out in a neighborhood. This is quite a bizarre setting in an area where many other “crimes” are prosecuted less harshly so it’s strange to see.

So why does this matter to you? It sets a precedent in the law for this being okay. Other cities may pick it up not because it is effective but because it will raise revenue. Any law that brings in quite a bit of money for a city is something that can spread over time. Taxation is how places keep everything running and increase development over the years as well.

There really was a problem with all of this though. 3,000 street fires were set over 10 years in Morgantown. That is an especially high percentage for anywhere so it really stands out. While most of these aren’t from full riots you can think of them as, mini-riots perhaps. No place for Pergolas to say the least.

Outdoor Furniture is in a precarious position when riots break out. People under the influence have a propensity to break things. Furniture is obviously a very easy target here. While you may not have to deal with a ban you could very well deal with a riot if you live in any major city. Places all over the world see events like this and they are always accompanied by arsonists. Whether it’s simple drunk people partying or malicious looting the impact is mostly the same.

If you live in an area like this you should have some sort of backup plan. Whether you are moving everything indoors to avoid the problems or have insurance you should have some way to manage all of this.

Why are all these strange things happening? We think it’s probably due to lax enforcement. Due to the high percentage of people of… questionable intellect in part of West Virginia it’s hard to handle all the crime. This is compounded by the fact that many of the offenders are kids attending school nearby. America has a tradition of not prosecuting students as harshly in this situation. It doesn’t look like that situation is going to change.

However it does raise the question of how well the fines will be enforced. We’re guessing not so well since officers likely do not care that much if someone breaks such an odd law.



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