Molded, Living Furniture

Molded Tree ChairA new trend has arisen where creators are shaping living plant life into furniture. It’s quite strange but trees can be grown in intricate molds after having portions shaved off. It will continue to live for some time even with significant damage. The final product is a piece of furniture which is all-natural in many ways and has some real advantages for those who wish to buy only organic pieces. It’s quite interesting to see.

What sets these apart is the fact that they are grown from real trees. That’s right; a small, sustainable tree farm holds the pieces. Then they shave off parts of them in order to create a new sort of piece which will grow inside of an intricately crafted mold. Once it is done they have a full, coherent piece that needs no screws or fasteners. It is all done and ready to use.

Those wanting these should take note that since the process is rather slow, a tree is growing after all; it takes longer than simply putting one together. As such the price can be quite expensive and you should not expect to buy them in bulk without a huge amount of money to spend. This is for the extreme collector as with many items in this style.

This could be a particularly useful novelty as restaurant outdoor furniture. You could even theme your whole setting around it and people would probably flock to the area. It is an incredible way to set everything up if you want to import these. You could even draw media attention for the incredible setting which you have created. In the end that is what most designers and decorators want from the community, since it gets you additional work.

You should take note that these are show pieces, not items that are necessarily saving the environment. If that is your only concern then you should be refinishing and reusing items that are already used. In that case there are no trees that are cut, shaped or molded into an entirely new item. It’s quite obvious to most people that this is the best way to handle all of it. On the other hand this makes for a show piece which is hard to match.

Despite being show pieces they can be put in many more areas than you would normally expect. This is made from a tree after all, with the resiliency this entails. It’s perhaps a bit sturdier than you would expect because unlike most furniture it was never taken apart. It simply came in the shape that you will be using it in. Obviously that makes it quite durable to elements and such. However the normal bugs which damage trees could still be a problem. You don’t have to exchange style for support either.

Due to the fact that harvesting takes four to eight years it’s obvious this will never become commonplace. However that is, on some level, what makes it so amazing. It will stand out for as long as this process is used. We’re excited to see where this process goes in the future.



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