Why Indoor/Outdoor Distinctions are Passé

Indoor and Outdoor RoomDue to so many articles, pieces of furniture and much more the distinction between indoor and outdoor settings is changing. In short it is pretty much going away completely. We’ll discuss the reasons for this and why it’s important to so many of those who study and write about design as well. While it’s not a complicated subject there is a lot going on in this direction to take note of. Could you create a similar setting in your own home? We think so.

Variety and open floor plan trends were where all of this started. When it comes to being open some see the patio as part of the living room for houses and encourage people to decorate accordingly. These simple motivational trends are a huge part of many home settings and will be over the years as well. This was the beginning of all these trends. On the other hand the whims of fashion are a bit fickle.

In the modern day most contemporary outdoor furniture can fit just about anywhere with mild weather. Due to advanced construction and new ways to sculpt items you can create anything that you could imagine with a fraction of the trouble we would have had with it many years ago. Due to this we can make any blend of colors and styles that you could ever wish for and without much trouble as well.

Many pieces are also convertible or will be able to stand up outside as well as inside. This is becoming quite common over the years. People want it and are looking for it. As such many more companies are looking into this as well. Pretty much any item that can stand the weather works just as well outside as it does inside today. We can also create all of these in any style that we could possibly want as well.

Organic design and an earth-centered focus have also played a big part in all of this. People want to enjoy and preserve natural beauty in every capacity that they possibly can. Many projects and room ideas preserve this thought.

Another big reason is that so many in the media want rooms to blend. Some writers just like the idea and others have monetary incentives due to company connection. It makes money for everyone involved when companies can launch and sell new lines for every single sector of the house. Everyone on that side wins so they attempt to change the trends in their favor. This is of course not true for everyone but is a big part for those at the very top of the industry.

The final reason is that you can do everything outside that you can do indoors, as long as you don’t live in some sort of area that has constant natural disasters. Everything from cooking to taking care of your children can be done outdoors as well as indoors with a bit of work and care. It’s something that has always been possible but difficult in the grand scheme of things.

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